We Help You to Setup and Start Your Business in Japan.

In addition, we support companies to succeed starting a business in Japan. Our company is useful for the minor enterprise and the small-and-medium sized enterprise and the small company. Our company's representative is a legal adviser who has a Japanese national qualification includes immigration lawyer.

  • Translation and Interpreting

    We dispatch interpreters.
    And we translate contracts and documents.

  • Create Website and Find Staffs

    We help to product the Japanese website and to find the employees.

  • Negotiate Subsidy

    We negotiate to get the subsidy from the government office of Japan.

Pricing Plans

  • The expense of the advisor contract is 3000 dollars in one year.

    We are able to show reasonable cost by advising you only by E-mail.
    It is free of charge what we can reply and to be examined easily.
    We will show an estimate beforehand if it costs for your request.
    We will show an estimate beforehand if it is necessary to depend on the different company about your request.
    It will be demanded several thousand dollars if you depend on the major consulting company.

  • We are convenient for an advance to Japan of the minor enterprises and small-and-medium-sized enterprises and the small company.
  • The question about the advisor contract, please send email.


  • Pay Pal

    Please register your name and E-mail to utilize the payment service, PayPal.
    Please register your name and E-mail to utilize the payment service, PayPal.Go to the website: https://www.paypal.com/
    This is a system to make remittance between registrants. You do not have to inform us of your credit card number. Your registration does not cost you anything. After the registration, you will be able to pay us on PayPal. This enables you to pay online with your credit card more securely, easily, and quickly

Website of Us

  • International Legal Advisor

    You donft need to go to the Immigration Bureau. We would like to help foreign nationals enter Japan with no problems.We go to the Immigration Bureau to apply for the procedures instead of you. We help foreigners enter Japan.

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  • Right International LLC

    We would like to help you make your Japanese contract at a low price quickly before your appointed date. And we can translate your English contract into Japanese and vice versa.

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Medical Interpreter Dispatch

  • We dispatch medical interpreters to go to hospitals and doctors with the foreigners who are unable to speak Japanese adequately. Our registration fees are free for foreigners. We provide them with English/Japanese interpretation service solely. The area where interpreters can be sent is Tokyo,Osaka and its environs. We have both medical interpreters who are volunteers and paid staff.

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